Michala Metzler talks about OYA and her Top Five Tips for wellness with Marco Derhy

Michala Metzler, Co-Founder OYA

As part of our series about “Inspiring success stories,” we had the pleasure of interviewing Michala Metzler. Michala, alongside her husband, Mayan, founded OYA. She is a designer focused on innovations in architecture and building systems. Philanthropist — founder of MyLifeMyPlanet.org, a non-profit organization focused on the synchrony of eastern & western medical systems.

Thank you for joining us today, Michala! Can you briefly outline for our readers your life’s backstory?

I’m a designer by trade and a holistic enthusiast by heart. I’ve always been a very high-paced person, and about six years ago, I worked myself into quite a massive burnout, and the unfortunate passing of one of my closest friends brought me to rock bottom. However, thanks to my fantastic husband, I soon saw this as an opportunity rather than a burden. Together, we started to search the world for optimal solutions to our busy lifestyle, health & wellness, burnout prevention, and more. Soon enough, I realized that this is a lifestyle of many other people I know, and so this is where the foundation of OYA has formed.

As you just mentioned, along with your husband, you founded OYA. Would you like to share with our readers what OYA is about in detail?

OYA is a new kind of wellness resort. We celebrate the power of a profound experience through connection, healing & living. Our visitors will enter a whole New World of a fully immersive experience. OYA is where we fuse eastern wisdom with the latest western technologies, tech remedies, and ancient rituals, building sustainable accommodation systems, living from farm to table, and integrating all this into one series of transformative moments and events.


Are there other things you do apart from your role in OYA?

OYA is a vast and very inspiring project that branches into various health, wellness, and transformation categories. Besides expanding the existing resorts and building new ones, we are also focused on researching preventative supplements and different undiscovered superfoods originating from the amazon forest, which is indeed called the pharmacy of the earth. However, one of the most crucial roles outside OYA is to be a good role model to our children and ensure they are growing with the best core values, ethics, and relationship to nature.

How great is it to marry a man who shares your dreams? Please share with us how important and supportive your husband has been.

If I had dreamed this, I would never be able to paint a better picture of a life partner to be with. My husband is an excellent visionary and a sage man who is always miles ahead of everyone regarding ideas and future projections. We work in synergy, which is something I genuinely appreciate and enjoy.

Are there any particular personal projects you’re currently working on?

My heart and soul are with OYA; there is literally no time in my day to dedicate to anything else. Our team is working on a new nutraceutical line, a cassava-based skincare line, and the service we call The Transformation Concierge.” A personal guide and concierge will help individuals to get guidance in their transformation and connect them with the best practitioners and therapists fitting their goals and aspirations. So, there is a lot on our plate, and I’m incredibly grateful because this project is simply a life calling; it’s something that is filling my heart with joy. In the near future, I’d love to get deeper into my holistic journey and educate myself on an even deeper level, learning from our therapists, shamans, and guides. That is something that intrigues me.


Do you have a favorite life lesson or quote that profoundly impacted your life? Please share with us.

“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want to be done unto you.” Thanks to my parents, this quote from Confucius has been engraved in my mind since childhood, and I’m doing my best to live accordingly. And lately, one wise teacher told me, I need to slow down to speed up.” It’s still very challenging to implement, but there is so much truth and wisdom in it.

Considering OYA is all about health and well-being, and with your expertise in health and wellness, could you share your five tips for wellness with our readers?

Yes. Thank you, Marco. This list is in no particular order, but I consider these top tips for anyone seeking wellness:

1. Spend time outside and in the nature regularly.

2. Limit the phone-time outside of work-time. Social media & constant “craving” for new information is making us to procrastinate & out-of-focus.

3. Eat balanced 80/20 diet and try not to overeat. The golden rule is to eat till your stomach is 80% full. Explore options of intermittent fasting.

4. Practice prevention over intervention. Be actively in charge of your health & wellness. Track your biomarkers, inner age and focus on Healthspan optimization.

5. Explore mindful practices like yoga, meditation, breath-work, sound therapy and more.

Michala Metzler, Co-Founder OYA

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

I want to thank you and send blessings to those reading this article and remind them constantly to find something to be grateful for because every day is a miracle and our body & mind are one of the world’s biggest wonders. We should nurture it and be one with ourselves and each other.

How can our global readers keep up with you on social media or a website?

I am on Instagram. You can also follow the Oya New Earth website, Twitter, Instagram and our Press releases.

Thank you so much for joining us today. This was indeed inspirational, and we wish you continued success!



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