"How to Awaken your Inner Essence: The Philosophy behind VIBRA's Approach" | Shaman Visionair, Jeroen Boerkamp in Collaboration with OYA

As part of our Series "Inspiring Success Stories," we enjoyed interviewing Jeroen Boerkamp. Jeroen is a man who remembered his gifts through shamanism and is here to activate people to their highest potential and, therefore, be fully authentic in their lives. He does the activation, transmission, and transformation of the Merkaba of humans by using rituals and Lemurian crystals to awaken the DNA, Pineal gland, kundalini, and 3rd eye. With Joroen, all manifestations of life are inside you already, and it's time to re-wire and unleash this power!

Shaman Visionair, Jeroen Boerkamp

Thank you for joining us today, Jeroen! Please briefly outline for our readers your personal journey and how it led you to become a shaman and start VIBRA.


Jeroen, the guiding light behind VIBRA, is a man driven by a vision of growth, wholeness, and oneness within himself and the world around him. His spiritual journey began about 11 years ago, initiating him into the profound world of deeper consciousness.


On the red road of the indigenous peoples, he found himself immersed in the wisdom of nature and ancestral traditions. Through sweat lodges, healing ceremonies, and the transformative Sundance, he glimpsed into invisible worlds of energy, spirit animals, spirit leaders, and intricate patterns and emotions defining the path of life.


The teachings and initiations of native ceremonial teachers further enriched Jeroen's spiritual journey. Their wisdom opened his eyes to the interconnectedness of all life, the hidden language of nature and animals, the spiritual significance of plant medicines, and the mutual nurturing bond between us and Mother Earth.


Jeroen encountered Lemurian/Atlantis crystals on his path, connecting him deeply with his divine self and Mother Earth. The crystals and their geometric patterns awakened him to an even deeper consciousness, revealing avenues for healing, growth, and a deeper understanding of his potential.

Lemurian/Atlantis crystals

What inspired you to believe in the power of inner beauty and authenticity as the source of true radiance?

Jeroen: The reason is quite simple: the moment I received this mirror from shamans many years ago, I suddenly knew so deep in my heart and intuition that an earth person (me) and a higher consciousness (higher self) were working together. We know that manifestation is already inside us as we truly desire and visualize anything can happen and
manifest. So, as we humans also have emotions, patterns, and mental issues, this is conflicting, holding us back or mirroring us to be that pure original energy that knows that the abundance of authentic behavior, love, self-love, etc., is there. It's up to us to re-wire our total energy system to become more original energy where we see and feel the love we are without feeling greedy, afraid, or ego.

Could you elaborate on your experiences with indigenous peoples and practices like sweat lodges, healing ceremonies, and the Sundance? How have these experiences shaped your perspective?

Jeroen: Connection with your true self. Your own nature. Also, trust nature and animals guiding you in physical form and spirit form. Walking in nature makes you feel joy and more energized, right? Why? Because nature is here to help us to understand life better and the unity with nature. What we breathe in, the trees breathe out, we what we breathe out, the trees breathe in: is the simple view that we are united, only the mind separates us from it and our true nature.

You mentioned the importance of uniting body, mind, and spirit through sacred geometry. Could you explain how this philosophy is integrated into your teachings and practices?

Jeroen: To evolve energetically, it's always important to speak, feel, and communicate through the physical body. By breathing, you make contact with your muscles, brain, bones, organs, etc., and can connect with energy such as emotions, mental being, and the etheric field. Body, mind, and spirit are one as it all together your MERKABA: the field of energy you are. With the body, we move through life; with consciousness, we evolve. One can't do 'life' without the other to explore. Kundalini sessions make us aware of the body and breath to move into energetic contact. Crystals are communicators for spreading transmissions of geometry, which are keys to unlocking fields of emotions and mental issues to heal. Biohacking omega is to be aware of healthy body cells to communicate and grow.

Shaman Visionair, Jeroen Boerkamp

Your journey included insights from Brazilian shamans and a significant trip to Lake Baikal. How have these experiences expanded your understanding of spirituality and healing?



A destiny trip to Lake Baikal, Russia, marked a milestone in Jeroen's journey. Known as one of the world's three violet flame power places, Lake Baikal helped him recall a past life as a shaman and sparked the creation of a new Earth grid with people and Mother Earth. This significant moment set the stage for deeper journeys and the commitment to share his
teachings with others.

Your Shaman Program offers significant transformation over a short period. Could you elaborate on the key components and experiences participants can expect during this program?

Jeroen: Under the guidance of Shaman Jeroen, you will embark on a life-changing journey through our Shamanic activating program. Over three months, you will experience immense energy in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The profound impact will be felt from the first week, promising instant life changes and awakening your true self.


Ignite a new lease on life with our profound activation processes:

Kundalini Activations: Tap into your life-force energy through activations guided by Shaman Jeroen.

Emotional Resetting: Turn lower vibrating emotions back to their origin and embrace a new, balanced state of being.

Pineal Gland Activations: Awaken this organ in your head for a stronger, more tangible connection to the world around you.

Third Eye Opening Sessions: See and feel life through a new lens by relating your experiences (business deals, projects, relationships, family, hobbies, etc.) to energy.

Lemurian Crystal Power: Harness the power and energy of Lemurian crystals and personal channeled crystal talismans crafted for you by Shaman Jeroen.


Find your focus and energize yourself with these transmissions:

Personal Rituals: Learn to craft your rituals to focus and energize your being.

Nature and Elements Connection: Gain insights on connecting with nature and the elements of fire, water, air, earth, and ether (energy).

Spiritual Integration: Use spirituality as a key to expand your understanding of life, leading to a more attuned, healthy mind and physical presence.


Catalyze a deep-seated change within yourself through these transformations:

Kundalini Energy Connection: Build a profound connection with your Kundalini energy.

Sensuality and Sexuality: Engage with your true sensuality and sexuality for a richer, more vibrant life experience.

Health and Wealth: Emerge as the healthiest and wealthiest version of yourself by embracing the transformative power of our Shaman Program.

Shaman Visionair, Jeroen Boerkamp

How can our global readers become a part of this program?

Jeroen: Send a request to shaman Jeroen Boerkamp to review where you exactly are so he can point out how to start and what the program would be like and check the energy of the person, which also is related to the soul mission of the person connected to his/her destiny, route and purpose.

Moving on to your recent collaboration with OYA. How exciting is this experience for you?

Jeroen: OYA's mission is also my mission. That means creating spaces to let spiritual teachers and people meet each other to share wisdom and medicine and receive by those who need these medicines. Not random spaces but destiny places on earth where the energy is pure, open, and ready to create these re-uniting humans to evolve and to rewire their energy. The vision of getting nature involved, with respect for her, by using nature-based materials, sharing profits with workers, and doing rituals for nature is touching my heart. When you see and feel that nature is helping us, and from that point of view, we create ceremonies, we step into humbleness and, simultaneously, in the new earth frequency of reset energies and re-wire them to the new earth frequencies.

OYA (New Earth)

You are welcome to share with our readers how you met Mayan and Michala Metzler and in what capacity you will be working with OYA.

Jeroen: We met through a common friend we had after some online calls. The click was directly there, and we expanded our visions and sharing to thoroughly understand and hear each other in our destiny and purpose to develop a unique and new vibe. We arranged a magic retreat last year in April for a group of people in which we experienced our gifts with each other and built a foundation to create new retreats for the future (now planned for November 2023 and February 2024 ). Before we started the retreat last year in April, I had the honor to bless and open some energies of the earth by putting crystals as an offering for the earth. By connecting with the spirit of the lands, the earth itself and putting these offers, the earth's energy splits open to serve as long as the practitioners and owners of the land walk the pure road.

How do you intend to leverage your experience to help OYA and its members?

Jeroen: By doing the rituals and sharing my own experiences with earth, ceremonies, and teachings from the native Indians in America and Canada. I will also be a part of the OYA Awakening Journey at the OYA retreats. For information, please visit https://www.oyaretreat.com/awakening-journey.

How do you see VIBRA contributing to raising the world's vibrations as you continue your journey?

Jeroen: To build and expand, it's essential to let the ego go and step into more and more collaborations to grow and create a ripple effect on the earth. Also, VIBRA ACADEMY will start in the spring of 2024 to teach other medicines that can spread worldwide. VIBRA UNITY!

Shaman Visionair, Jeroen Boerkamp

This was fantastic, Jeroen, and just before we wrap up this interview session, is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Jeroen: Real life begins when you understand that all life is connected and there is only separation in the mind. Heart and re-wiring the brain is with your higher self, the key to the new world.

How can our global readers keep up with you on social media or a website

Jeroen: Join our community at www.vibraorigin.com. Vibra Origin is on Twitter and Instagram, I'm also on Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you, Jeroen, for joining us today. This was indeed inspirational! We wish you and OYA continued global success.



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