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High-Performance Coach | Owner, Lisa G. Fitness | Lisa Goldenthal

As part of my Series about “Inspiring success stories,” I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Goldenthal. Lisa is an international best-selling author, coach, and top high-performance coach who has previously been featured in CBS, NBC Thrive Global, and Medium.com. Her book “The Boss Weight Loss” was voted the best diet book in Los Angeles. Her Skinny Jeans Workout was voted one of the top 10 in-home workouts by Life & Style and, as seen in Target, sold over 100,000 copies.

MD: Thank you for joining me today, Lisa, and happy belated birthday! Can you briefly outline for our readers your life’s backstory?

Lisa: I have always been passionate about coaching, health, and personal development. I have suffered from anxiety and ADD. For me working out and meditation help keep me calm and focused. I used to be a guinea pig for every nutritional and business plan. There was so much conflicting information in the weight loss and coaching industry. I didn’t know what to do until I finally found a systematic process that works to unlock human potential in all buckets of life. That was the inspiration for my book and coaching practice.

In my personal and business life, I hit the same brick walls repeatedly until I realized I was the common denominator. That was my motivation to get coaching and, ultimately, to become a certified life coach.

MD: What brought you to this specific career path? Did you always know you wanted to be a High-Performance coach?

Lisa: I have always been passionate about helping others live their best life and achieve excellence. After my many struggles in life, I’ve learned that we all need systems, guidance, and support to build a more desirable future to overcome adversity and crush our most significant personal and business goals. The pandemic has been so hard on our mental and physical health, and I am excited to help others bounce back better than before!

MD: You founded Lisa G. Fitness. What led you to the creation? What does Lisa G. Fitness specialize in?

Lisa: After a career that is constantly growing to suit my clients’ weight loss and fitness needs, I have realized that how you do one thing is how you do everything. High-performance coaching is about helping people achieve their best in all areas of their lives. A high-performance coach is not a therapist. I don’t focus on the past — I just help create a more desirable future.

High-Performance Coach | Owner, Lisa G. Fitness | Lisa Goldenthal

MD: You co-chair Health and Wellness for the Mental Wellness Society. What is the experience like?

Lisa: In these uncertain times, I am passionate about helping people become happier and healthier. Anxiety and depression were up 25% in just the first year of the pandemic alone. Having anxiety myself, I know I can make a difference for others to get through this challenging time in our history.

The exciting news is technology and interactive health and wellness programs can help us navigate the post-pandemic era. I am proud to be part of the mental wellness society led by Dr. Abraham Gerard Meyer. We will be developing solutions as soon as this year, which is exciting!

MD: Being one of the top high-performance coaches is remarkable. Do you have what motivates you to get better?

Lisa: Yes, I am constantly pushing myself to up level. My experience with sports and fitness, where optimal performance is vital paved the way for a career in high-performance coaching. I begin by finding people’s “starting points” — their visions, goals, and ambitions. Then, I move on to reverse engineer a plan that they need to move the needle forward to achieve those visions and the steps they need to take to accomplish them in the most expedited way possible. High-performance coaching is about helping people reach their full potential in all areas of their lives. I have been through a bumpy road to success in my business and personal life, which has given me empathy and servant leadership skills to help others succeed beyond their wildest dreams during uncertain times.

High-Performance Coach | Owner, Lisa G. Fitness | Lisa Goldenthal

MD: Are there any special projects you’re currently working on?

Lisa: Yes, I have two exciting projects going on. I am doing high-performance coaching programs for executives and loving it! Every great athlete has a coach to support and challenge them, who believes in and pushes them. Business leaders need that same level of support and accountability to decrease stress, increase influence and energy levels, and skyrocket success.

Lisa: But I can only take on a minimal number of 1:1 coaching clients, so my newest project, backed by popular demand, is launching the Skinny Jeans Club in partnership with Dirobi. We’re creating weight loss coaching for people who have been struggling with the COVID curves during the pandemic and need support getting back on track and creating social distance from the fridge.

MD: Like many, you (and your company) were also hit hard due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What vital lessons did you learn?

Lisa: I have learned that when things change, there is always a silver lining, but you must look for it. Our challenges start when we reach a fork in the road and need to rise. We’ve all been challenged! The secret is when you’re going through hell, keep going! That is no place to stop! I think Winston Churchill originally said that.

My silver lining was to be forced to bring my entire business online, which ultimately was a blessing. I also launched my podcast “Whole CEO with Lisa G” to help people bounce back better from the pandemic with actionable hacks, tips, and steps from today’s top leaders in mindset, weight loss, and success. Another big bonus is that I realized how resilient I am.

High-Performance Coach | Owner, Lisa G. Fitness | Lisa Goldenthal

MD: How do you hope to change lives, especially in this post-pandemic era?

Lisa: I love to help people transform and grow beyond their blind spots, limiting beliefs, and the underlying current of anxiety in these uncertain times. As a coach, I help clients by reflecting back to them like a mirror — to help them see themselves from a new perspective and give them a clear path to reach their next level of success by unlocking their next steps to peak performance.

MD: Can you tell us how you became the best-selling author of “The Boss Weight Loss,” voted the best diet book in L.A., and “The Skinny Jeans Workout”?

Lisa: I am so proud that I pushed past my anxiety of being in front of the camera, created the Skinny Jeans Workout DVD, and wrote my international best-selling book based on all the struggles I have been through as a guinea pig for every diet that came around. I know firsthand how painful the yo-yo diet roller coaster can be. Out of that struggle came my international best-selling diet and exercise programs, implementing the most cutting-edge fitness strategies that have worked for tons of the busy bosses I’ve coached over the years. Here’s the big catch: most diet and exercise plans only get you so far, temporarily treating the symptoms of excess body fat. They do nothing to cure the root cause (this is how they make money), so as soon as you stop dieting and exercising like crazy, whatever weight you lose comes piling back with a vengeance. Achieving weight loss is possible when you have suitable systems in place. Because I finally figured it out, I no longer kill myself exercising as I did in my 20s and 30s. I want to share my proven simple system because it works.

Lisa: In my book, I show you how to transform your unwanted belly fat and elevate your metabolism for a good while reversing signs of aging. You just follow the simple system to be the boss of your health and weight loss.

MD: What does a person need to benefit from what Lisa G. Fitness offers?

Lisa: The struggle is real. Everything has changed. I feel it too. It was painful for me to start over. The pandemic and the subsequent number of hours we’ve all been working are causing a real struggle to balance our personal life and fitness with our business and family. I help clients create the business and life of their dreams by tapping into world-class systems. The purpose is to help people excel in business and life to feel focused, fit, and energized. It helps them become bulletproof in uncertain times while increasing performance and productivity. The result is to look better, feel better, and live longer. It gives noticeable, compelling changes that positively impact their life, health, and business.

MD: Do you have a favorite “life lesson” or quote that profoundly impacted your life? Please share with us.

Lisa: I love this quote: “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” ― Margaret Thatcher

MD: Our Global readers are eager to learn about being a successful High-performance coach. What would you say are the “secrets for success” for those out there hoping to take a similar career path and record as much success as you have?

Lisa: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Do the market research on what is already out there, and make sure you get a coach to give you the guidance and support you’ll need to keep going and stay the course.

The most extensive advice I can offer is just to start and don’t wait for the perfect time. If you have a big dream, keep going! The only way you can fail is if you quit. Even if it is a dream that you’ve tried and failed at, fail forward like I have and never quit! Clear your mind of can’t and keep going! #Youvegotthis.

MD: Understanding that none of us can achieve success without a bit of help. Is there a particular person who you are grateful to, someone who helped get you to where you are?

Lisa: I have been studying online marketing for six years and personal development for ten, and I am grateful to all the coaches I’ve had who have believed in me!

MD: Some of the biggest businesses, V.C. funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world you’d ask for advice or inspiration, alive or dead?

Lisa: I would love any advice from Gary Vaynerchuk. I admire his success in social media, business, and marketing.

MD: Is there a person in the world with whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch? If so, why? (He, or she, might see this)

Lisa: As a coach, I have been obsessed with personal development my whole life. It would be a dream to sit down with Tony Robbins. I am also the hugest Oprah fan. Do I only get to pick one, or can the three of us all have lunch?!

High-Performance Coach | Owner, Lisa G. Fitness | Lisa Goldenthal

MD: Our readers and followers would love to know, What are you most thankful for?

Lisa: I am thankful for my family, clients, friends, fans, best friend, boyfriend, and the guidance and support of the coaches that have helped me along the way!

MD: Is there anything else you would like to share today?

Lisa: Yes, Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. I really love your work. For more ideas, I give actionable tips on social media every day. Follow me for steps and inspiration on my podcast and website. If I can write a book despite being dyslexic with ADD and create video content and a fitness DVD being camera shy, so can you! Just do it! Take imperfect action and start today!

MD: How can our readers keep up with you on social media or a website?

Lisa: Check out my website; you can also follow me on LinkedIn and Instagram and YouTube.

Thank you for joining us. This was indeed inspirational! Best wishes and continuing success.

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