Co-Founder and Owner of Crypto Unseen B.V., Marc van Versendaal, talks about the Financial System and OYA with Marco Derhy

As part of our Series "Inspiring success stories," we enjoyed interviewing Marc van Versendaal. Marc is a 24/7 world-traveling serial entrepreneur who has made it his mission to educate individuals & businesses about the true nature of money, how the financial system works & how it should work to create a prosperous world for everyone.

Co-Founder and Owner of Crypto Unseen B.V., Marc van Versendaal

Thank you for joining us today, Marc! Please briefly outline for our readers your life's backstory.

Marc: Yes, of course! First of all, Marco, thank you for having me. My life's backstory has always been around creating value for others while having enormous amounts of fun at the same time. If one of those things weren't present, I often quickly realized I had to do something else. My strong sense of justice was always the constant factor or core value. While setting up businesses in my home country, the Netherlands, I started to become more & more conscious about the fact that I was not living my own life and living up to my true potential. Like many others, I was being sucked up by that narrative in most people's minds about how life should be: go to school, get good grades, make some money, find a life partner, buy a house, build a family, and well, be "successful" while working that job for the rest of your life. So, for a while, I did exactly that. I quickly found out that it all didn't make sense to me. Thanks to my ever-growing network, some fascinating individuals helped me in my consciousness journey so that I became very aware that this narrative is nothing more than a pushed narrative through society, existing out of limited beliefs, unproven thoughts & robotic behavior only to make you valuable for the "economic machine" and keep you there! Because my wife and I were on the same page about this, we quickly decided to sell everything we got to create the life we wanted. And since you don't honestly know what you want before you've tried various things, we figured we had to see a lot of the world first before we could clearly say what that would look like. We took our two young daughters, hopped on a plane, and started our world travel.

As a Bitcoin-centered entrepreneur. What do you do, and what brought you to this career path?

Marc: I've always been interested in the term "investing" in the broadest sense of the word. In a way, you can "invest" in anything and discuss "where to invest in" endlessly. However, it clearly tells you that you put something of value (time, energy, and money) in something now to create something of more value later. Ultimately, it all comes down to discipline, patience & lowering your time preference. The lack of these things in our society is exactly why it's worsening, and most people seem unhappy and disconnected. Since my life always has been around creating value & having lots of fun simultaneously, I wanted to add value there, and it would likely lead to a world with way more fun! Delayed gratification instead of instant gratification. That's what investing is all about! It doesn't matter if you talk about your health, happiness, or wealth; it all comes down to the same thing. Delay the "instant gratification" part to use the resources you have at your disposal more wisely & efficiently to create more value for yourself & the world later on. Seeing how the more affluent West is constantly getting more disconnected & unhappy while having more stuff is interesting if you, at the same time, travel through lots of poor/less fortunate countries with way less stuff & broken currencies. This led me to study money & the global financial system even more, eventually leading me to Bitcoin.

You founded Crypto Unseen B.V. What led you to this creation?

Since our whole society is built with money, one could say that "money is the base layer of society." So, when the "money is corrupt," it only makes sense that anything else also becomes corrupt. We started to educate people about the history/basics of money and how the current financial system works so that they can make better decisions regarding saving/allocating/investing their money to create wealth & prosperity. For this, I needed to build a new company which became Crypto Unseen. Individuals & businesses must learn as fast as possible about this digital monetary revolution (Bitcoin) that will change the world. An incorruptible new form of global money… It will change everything. However, we also saw the upcoming "crypto industry" and the number of scammers involved with it. So we deliberately chose the name "Crypto Unseen" to help people see the big difference between Bitcoin & Crypto.

What has been your biggest challenge in the crypto business? Do you have a story to share with our global readers?

Marc: The biggest challenge is around the long-term beliefs that people have & hold around what they think money is. People, especially businesses, find it difficult to change in general. Let alone when it is about something so "entrenched" into their structures & belief systems. Money & debt has been around forever; however, almost no one is properly educated about it. I'm convinced that if people & businesses would understand "true money" better and "invest" their recourses more efficiently, wealth, prosperity & happiness can reach way higher levels. The hardest part is to start with an open mind. It's not one story in particular since all the "challenges" surround this simple fact.

Despite the challenges involved in this line of business, how have you managed to stay on top of your game?

Marc: Haha, this is easy, by doing the same things that made me successful, on my terms, in my own life: By practicing discipline, patience & lowering my time preference while constantly creating added value for others. I always zoom out and think long-term. So I always create added value first before we talk about anything else. Often, this added value makes their mind go open since they can tell that I have nothing to gain besides making life better for everyone.

Co-Founder and Owner of Crypto Unseen B.V., Marc van Versendaal

Let's also talk about the recent collaboration with OYA. How exciting is this experience for you?

Marc: This is extremely exciting for me. Since I set foot on the beautiful property of OYA here in the Dominican Republic, where I'm currently located, I know this is the real deal. Mayan, Michala, and their team are literally creating the world they want to see. Often, people have visions & talk about it a lot. But they are ACTUALLY DOING IT. This inspires me and my family since the "old world" needs some "release valve" while transitioning to the new world. OYA can function like that for a while before it BECOMES the new world. Wow. So this collaboration aligns with every cell of my body. The fact that I can now help them create a world with more prosperity, abundance & happiness feels beyond amazing. That I can now assist in setting up the right financial system for a new world like that, oh boy… :)

In what capacity will you be working with OYA?

Marc: Whenever & wherever they need me. Haha, Seriously, my set of skills is pretty broad, so I expect Mayan, Michala & the team to use me however they see fit. That being said, I definitely see a role for myself to help them create a financial system for their community that allows the people to store their wealth that actually holds value through time & space. No inflation, no manipulation, no exclusion, no discrimination. An incorruptible monetary system that levels the playing field for everyone so that people don't have to worry about "money" ever again and they can focus on adding value for the community & world in general.


Please share with us how did you meet Mayan and Michala Metzler?

Marc: I met them on their fantastic piece of land/property here, up North, in the Dominican Republic. After 2.5 years of traveling the world with my family, we were "called" over here thanks to many coincidental "events" that happened one after the other. During one of my days of surfing, my new hobby, I met JA (a fantastic member of the OYA family), and he invited me to come over to the property.

How do you intend to leverage your experience, especially in cryptocurrency, to help OYA and its members?

Marc: Understanding the history of money, meaning why we invented money in the first place, is essential to understand why it is such an important factor for our society to create a better, more prosperous world. The next step is to truly understand the current financial system to clearly see where we, as species, went wrong and how this is affecting society in a very harmful way. Seriously, the consequences for society due to our current "form of money" can not be underestimated. If we want to create a new & better world, we must learn from our mistakes & understand what to do differently. If we're to build our own improved culture, we simply can not exclude this. My experience will help everyone avoid making the same mistake lots of others already have & eventually build a community where they don't have to worry about all those things anymore.

Co-Founder and Owner of Crypto Unseen B.V., Marc van Versendaal

What more can you share with us about OYA today?

Marc: I know most readers probably already know this, but the world is a fantastic place. Being part of a community actively creating the world they want to see is one of the best feelings ever. However, keeping your eyes open and seeing what is currently happening in the (old) world is also essential. They, the ones in power, will try to do everything to get control back & destroy the competition and better alternatives. Therefore, it will likely get worse before it gets better in some/most parts of the world. In other words, our work is far from finished, and we must stick together to keep turning down the noise. Because "noise" will come, we must be ready for it.

Do you have a favorite "life lesson" or quote that profoundly impacted your life? Please share with our readers.

Marc: Yes! "Even if you are in prison for the rest of your life, you're not in prison for the rest of your life right now. Right now, you're just in a room with the door closed." In other words, mindset is everything. Don't like your life, surroundings, or how you feel? Change the narrative. You are in control, always.

What advice do you have for our global readers looking to follow a similar career path?

Marc: Call me! Haha, in all seriousness, do the work. In the end, it's about being able to deliver value to others. Whenever you travel and start a life somewhere else, start new businesses, or try to learn a new skill, focus on something other than the end goal. Because, mostly, that's not it for you. You don't want to "have an expectation" and "realize exactly that." No, you might think you want that, but no. That's not it. The process itself is why you are moving. So trust that process. I love that process. Enjoy the ride. Those experiences are the "proof of work" where the "true value" is probably hidden. Become aware of that while on your journey, and it will all be all right.

Co-Founder and Owner of Crypto Unseen B.V., Marc van Versendaal

This was fantastic, Marc, and just before we wrap up this interview session, is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Marc: No, thank you, Marco, this is it!

How can our readers keep up with you on social media or a website?

Marc: I'm constantly posting stuff about money, mindset, happiness & wealth creation on LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram.

Thank you, Marc, for joining us today. This was indeed inspirational! And wishing you and OYA continued global success.



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