Celebrating Lika Osipova | Russian-Born American Pop Star and Award-Winning TV Personality Exclusive with Marco Derhy

Lika Osipova | Russian-Born American Pop Star and Award-Winning TV Personality; Photo credit: Victoria Sirakova

Lika Osipova, born in a small city in Russia always had big dreams since she was little, and it is no surprise to see her rising to the zenith in her career.

The depth of her talent was on full display on October 1st, 2022, as West Hollywood rolled out the red carpet for the most famous influencers and celebrities. They came to celebrate the new single release of the American (Russian-born) pop star, Award-winning Producer, Actress, TV personality, and Singer with nearly 2 million Instagram followers Lika Osipova.

The former international fashion model founded Miss Russian LA/ United States beauty and talent show, which successfully aired for ten years. As part of her contribution to the show, Lika received the Role Model of the Year Award from the Advisory Board city of West Hollywood. Soon after accepting the first Award, Miss Russian LA talent and beauty show won her second “Outstanding Achievement” award in 2016.

In 2017, the Los Angeles Office of City Clerk gave Lika a Certificate of Recognition for her outstanding support towards the 2017 Los Angeles Municipal Elections. A commendation letter from Eric Garcetti soon followed in recognition of her exploits in helping Hurricane Sandy victims in New York.

Lika Osipova | Russian-Born American Pop Star and Award-Winning TV Personality; Photo credit: Victoria Sirakova

Lika fully kickstarted her sing-off career in 2020, and so far, she’s been the songwriter of multiple hits. Such is her dedication to perfection that her first-ever music video won Los Angeles Film Awards. In addition, she was nominated for the NY film awards as a lead actress and Paris Film Awards.

Earlier in 2022, Lika won the National Social Media Award for “The Best Social Media during Covid.” The award ceremony was held at Globe Theatre Los Angeles. Later in August 2022, Lika was nominated for “Influential Musician of the Year.” Award Ceremony will be in London at the end of October.

Lika recently released her new single, “Dolce vita with my bae.” She had a release party at Heart Weho on October 1st with more than 1000 people in attendance to see the concert. In the course of the show, Lika impressed the audience with the bright, high-energy, colorful performance with pro dancers and top DJs. Her dresses were handmade and designed by the Hollywood ANIKO Couture atelier.

Lika Osipova | “Dolce vita with my bae;” Photo credit: Victoria Sirakova

Lika’s show was brilliantly opened by Alexander Rybak, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Lika then took the show by storm with her dancing group “Pleasure of Goddesses,” performing her famous hit “Ogni” with Sergey Sheza, Nick & John, and Ruslan Maliev as performers. Her final performance was the new Single “Dolce Vita with my bae.” Lika blew up the audience with her new super hit.

You can watch her new music video here:

Lika Osipova “Dolce Vita with my bae” PREMIERE

You can follow Likaosipova’s official Instagram page for more of her videos.

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