Award-winning architect Lina Bellovicova talks about OYA and connecting with nature through architecture with Marco Derhy

As part of our Series “Inspiring success stories,” I had the pleasure of interviewing Lina Bellovicova. Lina is an award-winning architect working on the OYA project and designing from new sustainable materials. She’s helping OYA members find ways to connect with nature through architecture. Lina has been specializing in custom architectural designs since 2015. Her goal is to enhance how people interact with the spaces they spend most of their time in. All her projects are original and tailored to the client with respect for the place and the goal of enhancing the use of the surroundings. She designs public buildings and spaces that lift the spirit and complement the surroundings of the building.

Award-winning architect Lina Bellovicova

Thank you for joining us today, Lina! Can you briefly outline for our readers your life’s backstory?

Lina: Hi, thank you. I studied architecture in the Czech Republic, completed work internships in Japan and Switzerland, and founded my architectural studio in 2015. I work on projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Please share with our global readers what being an architect entails

Lina: The work of an architect includes, for example, communication with the client and the construction company, analysis of the situation where the building is to be established, selection of suitable material, design of the concept and the entire building, details, interior design and selection of furniture, construction supervision.

What has been your greatest challenge since you started a career in this profession? Do you have a story to share about that?

Lina: The biggest challenge was building a house from hempcrete, getting all the materials, and realizing the construction with self-help, which no one had done in the Czech republic up to that time.

We understand you’ll be the Leading Architect for OYA. How exciting is this experience for you?

Lina: I am grateful for the investors’ confidence in me, and I am thrilled to be part of the OYA team. Every new project is a unique experience that pushes me forward; I enjoy it.

Connecting with Nature at OYA Resorts

I know you have a lot to share about OYA, and please briefly share how and when you met Mayan and Michala Metzler.

Lina: Michala contacted me by phone, and then we met in the Czech Republic. Then I started working immediately. She liked my ideas, and less than a year later, we met in New York and toured the plots together.

Please share with our global readers the Uniqueness of OYA.

Lina: OYA is all about connecting with nature, focusing on yourself, your needs, and the perception of your body; all of this can be helped by architecture that affects human senses and feelings. I’m glad I can be a guide and induce a different atmosphere in people through architecture. The buildings will be of different scales and will focus on natural elements.

Connecting with Nature at OYA Resorts

Do you have a favorite “life lesson” or quote that profoundly impacted your life? Please share with us.

Lina: For architect and mother of two little children?… Life lessons come daily:) What gives me strength in life lessons is insight, believing in myself, and following my dreams. Remember to see the beauty of life in the little things that are only superficially small; they are big! Architecture is created for beings and accompanies us all over the world. It affects our thinking, so I also try to think and perceive my work as best as possible.

Some of our global readers are “potential architects” 😀; what are the “Ways to success” for those hoping to learn and take a similar career path?

Lina: Success means something different to everyone. I wish them TO NEVER GIVE UP on their specific dream, whatever it is.

I Agree with you, Lina! And understanding that none of us can achieve success without a bit of help, is there a particular person you are grateful to, someone who helped get you to where you are?

Lina: I am grateful to my supportive family during my studies and to my husband. The others come hand in hand with my imagination, empathy, endurance, and optimism.

Before you go, I understand that you’ve won several awards over time. Would you like to share what these awards are with us?

Lina: Haha! Yes, Marco. We’ve won a few awards over the years. But, in no particular order, here are some:

Architizer A+Awards

House LO won first place in two competitions and was the absolute winner, project of the year 2021: Project of the year Jury winner

Nominated for: ceska cena za architekturu 2022

Published in Taschen, Homes for our time 2,

czech editions of forbes and forbes next, printed, architectural magazines,printed and online.

Award-winning architect Lina Bellovicova

How can our global readers keep up with you on social media or a website?

Lina: They can follow me on my website and Instagram.

Marco, I would like to thank you for this interview! I’m indeed super excited for this platform to grow and for people to come down to OYA to connect with nature centres, focusing on themselves, their needs, and the perception of their bodies through Architecture!

Thank you, Lina, for joining us today. This was indeed inspirational!, and wishing you and OYA continued Global success.

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